August 7, 2012
Since I've just been told that I should post something on the blog by my friend K., because she is at work and bored, I just had to please her and post an article. This time, I am not going to be as happy as usually when I post something about sunglasses or clothing, because I am actually pissed. As some of you may know, I own many pairs of glasses - sunglasses, nerd - glasses and one pair of dioptric (? :D) glasses. 
too small and too ugly, haha

And therefor I need a glasses-stand. Where to find one? Well, if you say internet, I say no way. I've been looking for one for hours now and found nothing. Either they are too small, or too huge. Oh come on! Maybe one of you knows, where to get one? I'd be really thankful if you could help me. 

what the hell?! now way. but that room is actually pretty nice. 

And of course, when I am already talking about it, why not post some pictures of some of my favorite sunglasses? Here we go ..

Just by the way, yes, all of my sunglasses are unbelievably dirty and dusty, haha. 
My first Ray-Ban look-a-likes. For quite some time I didn't wear them because I was scared something would happen to them .. now all my other RB l-a-likes and also my Ray-Bans are broken, so I wear them again.

got these from my good friend for birthday ♥

found these in my dad's stuff .. since then, they are mine and one of my most worn. 

.. and these used to be my mom's. 

the new addition to my collection, got them from eS for my 19th birthday ♥

these used to be eS' mom's, but she didn't wear them anymore, so they eded up with me. 

got these from my friends and even though I don't wear a lot of pink, they are still used pretty often.

and I have no idea where I got these .. I think these were also found in some old stuff from my mom? 

And now to the crazy ones. 
hahaha so fucking dusty, I can't believe it. I should start taking better care of them // I got these in the US (where else, haha) and I actually used to wear them!! 

yeah .. can't believe I used to wear these. 

got these on one of my trips to Vienna & never wore them. Not a surprise, I guess?

hahaha I didn't even know I still had these. Found them in my mom's stuff, wore them for one photoshoot and that's about it. And that's a good thing, haha.

And the all time favorite ..
oh wow how much I loved these .. unfortunately they broke and now they only have one "leg" (can't think of the english word). And they were my favorites because of the studs, of course ♥


  1. Oh, I know, I need something to hold my glasses, I have a tone :).

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