September 26, 2012
Well hey there :) I am writing from my iPad again. I don't have aby internet at home right now, not even on my iPad, so I had to wait till I'm in Uni to be able to post ..
Anyways, I just wanted to ask you. DO YOU WORK OUT? And if yes, WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION? I have to say, I feel the need to work out the last couple of days. No, not because I'd want to loose weight, I just want to feel good. And that's what sport does to me better than anything else. But - working out is no fun! I miss playing volleyball, basketball etc. WHAT DO YOU PREFER? SPORTS, OR WORKING OUT? Let me know! I really miss your blogs, I have to say .. and I can't wait to have wlan at home, I really can't. Once again, I apologize for not posting a lot.


  1. I love to work out, I do it at home, I work out with Jillian Michaels :), her videos are so good.
    Motivation for me - so far I went down 2 sizes but I still have a long way to go. And I love the way I feel after an work out, tired but it's a good way of tired.

  2. me too. but i'm so lazy..ah.


  3. *
    Ou,well! I'm lazy,but i love "moving (exercise)".I have no time,but I should to find it! I prefer sports! I played volleyball when I was at secondary school. And my motivation? Oh..Es gibt fast keine!.DDD


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