October 10, 2012
Maybe you do know these things, maybe you don't .. but here they are:
  • I love cooking and baking, but most of the time, I don't have time for it - or I don't have people to cook/bake for. Doing it just for me isn't fun! 
  • I think milk is one of the most disgusting things ever. I can't stand to see milk and what's even worse for me? When the milk is being poured. Yuck! But I don't actually have problems with products containing milk, only when I see it being added. 
  • I am a vegetarian since the day I was born. I have never tasted meat and the first/only time I touched meat was to feed a cat. I think it was ham .. or something similar.
  • I have never colored my hair. I always wanted to try something different, but with my skin color, it's wouldn't be easy to look good with most different colors. 
  • I like reading books and watching documentaries about the 2nd world war (and everything around it), about communism in czechoslovakia and also about criminal trials in the US, or criminals as such. Many people find these subjects boring, or already explored, but I just can't get enough, I want to know everything, now. 
  • My "favorite" US trials would have to be the one of Casey Anthony and the O.J. Simpson case. And although I've probably watched all possible material about the Manson Family, I still don't feel like I know enough, I want to know more. Why is it that such evil things fascinate me?
  • In the past, I used to love to travel by plane. I used to fly to/from the US alone and I always really enjoyed those 11-hour flights. But since I started watching documentaries about plane crashes, I am terrified of flying - mostly when the airplane is small and the flight is "short-distance". 
  • I wear contact lenses for many years now. 
  • I used to be a very hyper child - and I still am kind of hyper, actually, when I am not in a bad mood, or tired. I was also very animated .. eS says I still am, haha. I never slept after lunch in daycare, like the other kids did.
  • When I was a child, I really wanted a sibling. I really missed a play-buddy. That's why my friends are (and always were) so important to me and that's why I am looking for new people to be close to. Because I need it. Fortunately, I have eS, I have my best guy-friends and I have many other people I love and appreciate so much. Oh, and that's also why I was so glad when my cousin was born, because until I was 6, I had no one my age in the family. Too bad I only get to see her once/twice a year.

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  1. I'm also fascinated by such evil stuff - Good to know that I'm not alone. :)


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