October 15, 2012
Hey there, my lovely readers ♥ I am back from Prague. Really tired, but it was worth it. Spending the whole weekend with my friends from Slovakia was nice. Not seeing my czech friends wasn't that great, but we, as well as they, were destroyed from Friday, haha. 

I will upload all interesting pictures later, I haven't had time to edit them just yet, or at least resize them. Uni has started again, but I will have to take my laptop there tomorrow, so I will try to post something. 

Ayways, after deciding not to go to yoga class today, me and eS went shopping. I got a new wine red sweater (in love with it) from H&M and .. that's kind of it. Oh, not to forget, the new Bushido CD AMYF. Can't wait to listen to it! After I've seen his into video, I just couldn't wait to have to album in my hands. I will post a photo of the sweater tomorrow, if I have time to take the pictures. 

How was your weekend? Wild and crazy, like mine, or relaxed? 
Let me know!
Love, Petush ♥


  1. Welcome back sweet lady :).
    My weekend was crazy but relaxed also, just like I love it.

    1. I love it that way too! I am hoping this weekend will be like that :)


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