BEDROOM Inspiration

October 8, 2012
Hey there! ♥ In the last time, I thought a lot about how my bedroom should look like. Since my room is pretty big, I didn't want any cold colors. But yesterday I fell in love with a white-grey pattern for my walls, so I had to reconsider. 

In the end, I decided to mix up grey, white, black & purple. My furniture is black and white, my walls are gonna be white and grey, my bed will be exactly those colors too + two little purple pillows, the same color as my curtains. Or draperies, haha, that's what they are, actually. As well as some of my new decorations. Oh, and I also got a nice Eiffel tower painting yesterday, I am in love with it.

But all this will take some time. At the moment, my walls are yellow and orange (they were like this when I bought the apartment, I didn't pick those hidious colors, of course, I hate both), so we're gonna take all that down and put the new pattern up. In time. 


I love the colors. I'd throw that damn flower into the garbage and replace that brown thing behind the bed. Don't even know how to call it.

Again, flowers → garbage. And no pink on the bed. Or vintage pink? 

For some reason, I like dark wood. And again, flowers .. ah, you know what I wanna say, haha.

I absolutely love this one. Except for the chandelier. I used to love stuff like that when I was a child, but this is just too much .. especially in the bedroom. But oh my, that beige! I love it!

picture source: tumblr


  1. The second one looks really lovely, the pink is a bit too much, but I love all of it :).

  2. skvělá inspirace!:) miluju ložnice..prostě:D


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