October 6, 2012

Hello there. The weather in Berlin is awful, the only thing left is eS' chair. But I can't wait to finally clean up my room properly and move the furniture where I want to have it. I also want to get some nice paintings and other decorations to make it feel more at home. Scented candles, I gotta get many of those! And no flowers, since there's a no-flower-policy in my room, haha. Anyways, here are some rewievs of some new products I got .. just click on read more, or however blogger calls it. 

Even though this is not what I usually do, I decided to review some new cosmetic products I got for myself the last time I set my foot to Rossmann ..

 Catrice Allround Concealer Palette - 3,49€
Even though I don't usually use a concealer, I just had to have it - and try it out as soon as I got home. As it turns out, it was a great investition and those 3,49€ seem like nothing in comparison with the great quality and professionality of the product. 

 Alterra Rosewood Rougepowder - 2/3€
I also got some rougepowder. After searching in my favorite cosmetic brands and not finding any color that would suit me - or wouldn't have those damn glittery things inside, I ended up buying one from Alterra. Even though I am not a big fan of natur-cosmetics, I have to admit, it surprised me. The quality is good, the powder can be applied very lightly, so don't worry, I won't have cheeks almost brown, like the powder itself, haha. I can't remember how much is cost exactly, but it surely wasn't more than 3 Euros. 

Manhattan Volcano Xtra Explosive Volume Mascara - 5,95€
After being done with my two favorite mascaras from Pupa (the best!), I had to find a new brand, since there's no Pupa in Germany. Manhattan has the best nailpolishes ever, so why not try one of their mascaras? And I'm satisfied! The volume of my eyelashes is bigger - and they are also much longer! I can only recommend it to all of you. 


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