October 31, 2012
Here is my latest insta-selection. I haven't posted my instagram photos for a looong time, so there's a little more now .. hope you don't mind it, haha!

1. breakfast es Petush's. 2. chillin in bed. 3. tomato soup. YUM! 4. me and Obama, haha 5. me, like eS sees me. 

6. on my way to prague 7. rainbow :) 8. me and Uwe ♥ 9. bored in Uni 10. Valley of the Dolls. Love the book, like the movie 

11. good weather in Berlin. One of the last days the sun was shining and I could actually sit outside and enjoy my lunch 12. .. 13. building my furniture 14. me, eS and out slovakian friends. The evening was great! 15. jou I'ma swagger

16. :) 17. my new bedding 18. with moritz, haha 19. as a soldier! 20. sixties! me and eS love sixties!


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