October 3, 2012
Although I haven't been posting much on LookBook the last couple of months (no mood for high heels, no photographer, winter, no mood to look good, haha), I've been going though some of my old looks and I chose the ones I like .. or other people really liked. And now I'd like to know: Which one do you like the most? 
From the first set, my favorite is the first look. White hotpants, Blue glittery top, Ray Ban and a Vintage bag. Simple, but I just seem to love blue in the last time. 

I realized just now that all of these looks have black in them. Well, that's kind of typical for me, actually. My favorite would have to be the one in the middle. Black black black & jean-hotpants

Do I have to say which one's my favorite? My golden pumps! ♥ 

So let me know, which one is your favorite? 
Love, Petush ♥


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  2. I love the 4th look from the first row, really sexy :).

  3. such a fashionable looks!
    love your style<3

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  4. Dankeschön!
    Ich finde die Outfits fast alle echt hübsch, besonders toll sind deine Haare :) Du erinnerst mich ein bisschen an Theresa aus O.C.,California.
    Die kleine braune Handtasche ist echt süß!


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