October 10, 2012
Hey hey. My room finally looks like I wanted (or at least one half of my room) it to look, so here are some pictures, just as promised.

A little space for my CDs, books, magazines etc. The most of my CDs and many of my books are still in Slovakia. Which is actually good, because I have no idea where I'd put all of them.

I finally got something I can put the important stuff in. Next to it, my graduation learning stuff. So much work went into it, I just had to keep them and always have them with me.

My make-up shit. Just like with the books and CDs, so much stuff is still in Slovakia, or somewhere else in the apartment, haha. 

the closet. just too bad that most of my stuff is still in one suitcase, or waiting to be washed. I have no idea where I'm gonna put all of it, actually.

 My bed. And the bear I got from A. for my birthday. He smells like a boy, since I always spray him with A's cologne, but he wears a tiara. Well .. ^^

My working place .. 

This picture is probably gonna get hanged somewhere else. But I found a nail in the wall, so I hanged it already before I will get the chance to put it where I want to. 

Last, but not least, wonderfully smelling candles. Forest fruit, vanilla, brownie and something else baked, can't remember what it was, haha. They all smell heavenly. 


  1. Your room looks very, very pretty! Love the make-up area HAHA and the candles.

  2. thank you for your lovely comment!

    your room ist very nice.

  3. od akého autora sú tie knihy - Power a Seduction?
    tie posledné sviečky mám tiež, je to karamel, brownie a pri tej bielej boli na obrázku nejaké sugar glazed koláčiky :D v podstate je cukrová


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