October 11, 2012
Tomorrow, me and eS are leaving for Prague. Even though I love Berlin, it's not really much fun right now. I haven't seen my slovakian friends since July, so I am really excited to spend time with them - and party with them! I am also hoping to see my Prague friends. We will be staying for the whole weekend and will be back in Berlin on Sunday. I am not really sure if we'll have internet there .. but if there'll be wifi, you can expect some Instagram, Facebook, and maybe some blog posts too. 

Here are some pictures (with a little commentary) from a couple previous Prague visits.

in one of our favorite Prague night clubs, Nebe. (Heaven). With "svítící kytka", hahaha. 

last year's Prague party - the birthday party of my friend Laky (the same even we're going to now)

me and Edon last year. 

dance, dance, dance!

also in "heaven". I can remember that I was really tired. But I still wanted to dance the whole night!

with eS and my czech girls ♥


  1. such great bodies
    xx the cookies
    visit <3
    share the feeling!

  2. I hope you will have an amazing time in Prague :).

  3. Awww, these pictures are stunning!!


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