October 2, 2012
screenshot from the new videoclip of my two slovakian friends. I think I kind of look like a very arrogant bitch, haha. I really hope I don't look like that in the whole video. 

Well hello there ♥ How is everyone doing? Today was pretty good - I finally finished many important things - and my internet situation is looking better too. 7,5 GB in a month is not much, but always better than 1! It's still really slow, but better than nothing. 

We've been also working on eS' and mine furniture today, with the help of out friend Johann (haha). We haven't done much, but tomorrow, the work continues. 

Other than that, I've been thinking of making the blog better, more entertaining (any ideas?). First step will be the new design, which means forcing eS to do that (I've been actually doing that the last couple of months) and then I can start doing some make-up tutorials etc. I can't wait! 

Petush ♥


  1. těším se na nový design:)) možná ho trošku rozšiř, aby byly fotky větší víš, pro nás slepé se to vždycky hodí :D

  2. I love how you look in the screenshot. :D

  3. a kde sa dá pozrieť ten klip? :)

    1. zatiaľ sa nedá, ešte nevyšiel :) ale keď bude konečne vonku, postnem ho na blog :)


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