November 14, 2012
One year ago, I moved to Berlin. To study here, to get to know new people - to start a new phase of my life. I love Slovakia, even though it might not seem that way sometimes, but Berlin is Berlin. My choice, my dream .. my future? So today, me, Knut & Kaese celebrated our one year anniversary. Exactly one year ago, we met and just like back then, we went to the restaurant where we started to get to know each other better and build our little "group".

In the year I've already spent here, I moved into the apartment my parents bought for me, eS also moved to Berlin, two of my slovakian friends came to visit me .. and I visited Slovakia a couple of times. I've learned a lot - talking about Slovakia right now. Who my real friends are, for example. There are only a couple of people I talk to almost every day, and those are the ones that matter. The others? Well, it's nice to see them from time to time, but that's all. And it's also nice to see my parents everytime I come home and have some family time. In Bratislava, not in Berlin - that's always too stressful. 

I've met so many wonderful people here and call some of them my friends. I've been to some crazy parties, I've had so much fun being here. But I also learned to be even more independant than I was before, and as many people from Slovakia say, I matured - because I had no other choice.

But enough text! Pictures say more than words .. 

me and Knut after the "Teufelsberg" shoot. If you visit Berlin, you should go to Teufelsberg if you have time .. 

One of the "party all day" days. 

I always go to soccer games of the guys from Uni. It's become my tradition. 

One of the parties at the first apartment I lived in. 

Fist, Maxat, me & Mike. Before we shot "Atem" (in the menu)

"Atem" Shoot. One of my favorite memories from the last year. I've had so much fun! Maxat is one of the nicest people I got to know and Angie, my friend who made the shoot possible for me, became very special to me.

party hard, all the time!

me and Christoph! One of my favorite people here in Berlin - and I loooove partying with him!

Johann ;D & Max. Both are very special to me.

The first "Einweihungsparty". And Klaas. Also one of the people I call "my friends". 


  1. Na dann herzlichen Glückwunsch liebes :)
    Berlin ist so eine wunderbare Stadt! Da hast du recht :)
    Liebste grüße

  2. let's rock the second year, b**ch! and a lot more following. i'm glad to know you and would not want to miss you.
    enough of the love - see ya!

  3. Vielleicht fahr ich bald mal wieder nach Berlin...
    Schöne Bilder übrigens! :)

    Liebst, Theresa

  4. Looks like you had an amazing year, too many more to come girl!

  5. Pictures tell an amazing story! Looks fun! xo

  6. This is such a lovely post! Photos really say a thousand words. Thanks for sharing.


  7. So much stuff in a year!!!!I have a giveaway on my blog if you wanna enter :)

  8. To je super, že si svoj život takto uživaš :))


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