November 1, 2012
Hey there, dear visitors. Here's the thing - I've been wearing the same hairstyle for a couple of years now. Two winters in a row with bangs, then in summer without it again. Sometimes straightened, sometimes natural, sometimes curled. I have never colored my hair. And I want a change! Although I am sure I won't cut it or color it, because I don't have the courage to do it. BUT - here are the possibilities me and eS like the most. 

Which one do you think looks the best? 


  1. Oh, when it comes to makeover, hair, I never know what to say, just be careful with you perfect hair :).

  2. tyjo nějaké z těch kratších by vypadaly asi dooost dobře:))

  3. *
    I think the second is the best!.))) The fourth..uhm,i don't know,but this one isn't..good for you!.))
    Ach jo,jazykovka a stejně nedokážu psát gram.dobře!.DDD Ale určitě jsi mě pochopila!.))

  4. woooow,the first one looks GREAT!!perfect for your face!!! :)

  5. hodně se mi na tobě líbí hned to první - ten nejvetší obrázek - to by ti opravdu slušelo :)


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