November 2, 2012
picture source: Tumblr

And it's here. Freezing cold, windy, rainy November. I think it's abolutely impossible to enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn because of this weather. And for me, personally, my November begun with me being sick. 

And October? Was eventful. And I am tired, very tired, need a break from going out every weekend. I just need to spend one we alone, in bed. 

  • eS moved to Germany and into my apartment. 
  • my mother and grandma visited me in this apartment for the first time. 
  • I was able to spend a weekend with my best friends from Slovakia ♥
  • I learned many new vegetarian recipes.
  • me and eS started doing hatha-yoga.
  • I finished the first round of decorating and furnishing my room. 
  • I told you  things you didn't know about me. 

.. and that's about it, haha. I am sure there is more, but I forgot all of it, most of it. I hope your October was just like you imagined and wanted it to be. And your November will be even better! 
Love, Petush ♥


  1. Get well soon!
    And we have the same crappy weather in Romania, hopefully it will change soon.

  2. New things :), that is nice of you the share them with us!

  3. Achjoo, to je děs viď...zimu nesnášim

    1. počula som, že aj v ČR, aj v Drážďanoch už bol sneh .. len sa modlím, aby sa to nedostalo aj sem!


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