November 28, 2012
Hey there! I've decided not to go to Uni today, because I am not feeling very well and I couldn't fall asleep yesterday. So I was just relaxing, drinking lots of tea and eating fruits. My friend from Slovakia, also living in Berlin, came to visit me and brought me some slovakian snacks, yum! Oh, and I was also watching Gossip Girl, like I mentioned in the previous post. 
my skin already needed a day without make up. :)

How did you spend your day? Busy, or relaxed? 
Love, Petush ♥


  1. *
    Well, on 28th November we had day off(ředitelské volno)so I was lying in bed and I was trying to heal me, but..unsuccessfully (without success) I'm still sick.

    I really like your posts!.))


  2. i love rain too :)


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