December 21, 2012
Yes, I arrived to Bratislava yesterday and I am already leaving it again. Me, Andy & Uwe are going to travel around Slovakia for two concerts, where Uwe is gonna perform. I can't wait! But I also really enjoy the time I am spending here, especially with my family. And my cat, of course, haha. I missed my Kiki ♥

 just like I already said .. I am in love with the Fist Who? Beanie ♥

And then I will finally have time to blog as much as I would like! I was so busy the last couple of weeks, even though I didn't plan to be. And I still am, even though I really just need to take a breather. I am balancing between health and sickness and also between beaing absolutely tired and very energetic, which is a sign of being in a desperate need of a rest. A real one! One day of doing only the things I like - at my house. Blogging, cooking, baking, yes, that's what I would need! 

Anyways, enjoy the weekend, my darlings ♥ Love, 


  1. Honey, I hope you will have an amazing time, I hope you will get well soon and I want to wish you Happy Holidays!

  2. Ja das letzte Outfit ist mein Fav, aber sowas habe ich hier noch nicht gefunden.

  3. Girl, your blog is amazing.. I'm totally in love with it, just discovered and already become an addiction! would you like following each other? Let me know <3



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