December 27, 2012
Hello there ♥ Wow, so many visitors since yesterday! THANKS TO EVERYONE! I finally managed to get out of bed, even though I am still sick and my voice sounds as if it belonged to a man. Anyways, I had a nice day with eS. First we went to eat amazing slovakian food and afterwards she made me go shopping. There are some things I bought, I will show you later, when I am back in Germany, where I can charge my camera. And this is one of the things I bought today. A mask. Me and eS both got one, I wanted this silver one, she got a black one. I always wanted to have one and I finally do! 



  1. Ha, cute addition.
    My day, at work, today too... ok still :).
    Get well soon!

  2. *
    Hey you,hi!.))))
    Stříbrnou bych si vybrala taky!Mám ráda stříbrnou!.)))
    Jinak se mi líbí hrozně tvůj nový dess!.))Včera jsem sem nakoukla a takové překvapení!.))

    Sehr schick!.;o)


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