December 30, 2012
Moscow is a city I always wanted to visit. There isn't a real reason and at the same time, there are many. The city is just like every other city here in "Eastern Europe" (not that Slovakia would really be Eastern Europe, but it's easier to explain it this way). It's the best and the worst of society - in every sense of the words - in one place. Just much more exaggerated than for example here in Bratislava. And that's probably the thing that fascinates me the most - and the reason I want to visit so much. 

These two songs are part of the reason I want to visit Moscow for a long time already. Yes I know many of you think that I am crazy, because it's a song from Dj Smash ft. Timati versus Rammstein, but (!) yeah, I listen to both and I like both. Anyways, these songs really say the same thing - only in a different style of music. And that's what makes me adore Moscow even more, if you know what I mean. 

I am not going to say what I would like to see there, which places I would like to visit etc etc. It is a big dream of mine and I hope it will come true one day. I have been traveling since I was a small child - with my parents, with my friends and also alone and I have visited so many countries already. But here, in Slovakia, people usually visit the western countries, since those are the ones we could never visit before, when communism was the political regime here. Or maybe it's just my family? We don't usually travel to the countries in eastern(er) Europe, because it's the ones we know the most about .. and which are similar to us. Which I think is a shame ..

Love, Petush ♥


  1. Mě osobně Moskva moc neláká, ale věřím, že je to krásné město. To samé mě nikdy nelákalo Bělorusko, a už jsem tam byla asi 2x - Minsk je celkem pěkné město.. :-)

  2. Yeah, Moscow is on my wish list and I understand so well why you picked these songs.
    Happy Holidays and a Perfect New Year!

  3. I totally understand you! Moscow must be great.


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