January 23, 2013

love this song ..

Oh wow, these last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Yes, spending 4 days in bed because you are sick can do that to you when all of the controll you have outside of your own apartment is slipping through your fingers and all kinds of realizations go through your head.

I am still kind of weirded out by what I've been thinking about, but the bottom line is, I think I am done with many things that have been bad for me before. And I am done with apologizing for who I am, which I have been doing since I moved to Germany and also while I've been in Slovakia, although never as much.

Anyways, I really hope my emotions will finally get themselves in check quickly, because right now, I am a bomb right before explosion and the smallest things can have me exploding. 

Hope all of you have been doing great. 
Love, Petush ♥

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