January 26, 2013

I love my Apple products and I don't want them to "get hurt", of course. Oh, and they need to be fashionable too, haha! So since all of my iPod cases are kaputt and my iPad case, which was light grey in the beginning, is very dark grey right now, I had to get these .. They are all from - cheap, but the quality is actually really good, better than I thought! 

The iPad case is metallic purple and looks like a notebook, or a bookcase. So I really love it, it's much more official then the old one. 

I really like this one, it looks a little lighter on the picture than it really is.

Haha, this one is a little more extravagant than my taste, but I actually like it, kind of. Reminds me of a friend from the US, actually. And of parties, haha. 

I also got one simple black.

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