January 8, 2013

I am back in Berlin, my health is finally almost back to normal. But I am still busy, more than I would like and feel comfortable. And it's not just school this time .. there are also so many things I have to do in photoshop, for the blog, for my parents, for the apartment, so many photos I wanted to take. Oh and there is so much more I don't have to do, but would like to do! And I can't manage to organize my time, so that I would get done all of it. 

Anyways, here is the new video we shot while I was in Slovakia .. hope you like it, even though the most of you probably won't understand, what the song is about, because of the damn slovakian language, haha. 

Love, Petush ♥


  1. thanks for your comment!! love this pics!!
    XOXO follow you!

  2. Wollte schon sagen, Deine Figur ist top :) Durch meine Schichten kann ich es immer sehr gut einplanen, außer diese Woche wird es schwer, Spätschicht :/

  3. *
    Hihiii a já rozumím!.)) Ale tento styl hudby ráda nemám..
    Ganz genau,wie Sarah gesagt hat - deine Figur ist top! Ich könnte nie so..ohne Kleidung,nur in einem BH...konnte einfach nicht.))))
    Du bist sehr schick!.;o)

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