January 30, 2013
If you are one of my regular visitors, you probably know that I was very busy the last few weeks. Or were they months? And I still am, but this time in a really good way. After a long time, my being busy is fun! In the Uni, we decided to develop our own magazine. And even though only one of my articles will be published, I still have my hands full with none other than the layout. But it's something I love to do, something I always enjoyed doing .. so even though I come home really tired every day, I sit down and continue playing with Photoshop and InDesign .. And I can't wait to show you the final result!

I've spent January 1st with my friends in Slovakia ♥

Anyways, since it's almost February, I wanted to do a little review of my January, which is kind of impossible. Nothing interesting happened, just some mood swings while I was ill. That's about it, haha. Very different from the years before. I remember going on skiing trips with my parents and eS. ♥ Here are some pictures from back then .. 

beautiful slovakian nature

even though this isn't a picture from winter, I just wanted to show you how I looked like back then .. I straightened my hair every day and I had bangs. I am actually thinking of getting bangs again .. not to forget, I used to wear some weird looking scarfs ..

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