January 27, 2013

The last time eS wanted to go shopping, I didn't really want to buy anything. But after seeing these, I couldn't resist. And yes, they are a little too short and yes, that's exactly what I like about them. These are the perfect booty shorts for the summer. What do you think?

from Tally Weijl

My first Peplum Top ♥ You could already see it on one of my pictures. It's leather-like and it's .. well, in my oppinion, PERFECT! I am going to have to get some more in the summer! Like? Also from Tally Weijl


  1. Love them both but those shorts are my favs. I also think that being a little too short makes them even hotter. ;)

  2. these pants are made for me. only me got the perfect booty to wear'em.


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