February 19, 2013
Hello there! I am finally home after a tiring day. I had to get up really early, because eS was going back to Slovakia for some time today and I went with her to Hauptbahnhof. Afterwards I met up with Mika from my Uni to work on the magazine project. I didn't really feel like being alone today after we finished, so I went to a friend's house and with his help, I worked on the magazine layout some more. 

just what I need right now!

Now I am just lying in my bed, missing my best friend, thinking how weird it is going to be to go to sleep with nobody by my side. We got so used to being together all the time that it's going to take some getting used to, not being able to be together for some time. I will have to get busy, which isn't going to be hard with all the magazine stuff I gotta do. But now, it's time to get into bed, watch some trashy reality show and eat junkfood.
Love, Petush ♥ 

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