February 16, 2013

I guess these are wings ..? Anyways, I fell in love with this ring the second I saw it. So sweet,  so angel-like. I don't know why, I absolutely adore it and don't even want to take it off my finger .. What do you think? It looks a little darker on the pictures, but it's this typical dirty-golden color in reality.

And of course, this one is the total opposite of the first ring. Clear gold color, not sweet at all. It's like the first ring represents my inside and this one represents me on the outside, or something .. I really like this one too, it's going to be perfect with all the studded stuff I have!

Unfortunately, these aren't mine, but eS'. I really like them though, so I might borrow them from her one day. Even though they don't belong to me, I wanted to show them to you, because they are really, really cool! The frame is golden and even though they have the pilot-glasses shape, they don't make you look like a sad dog (the most of mine in this shape manage to do that)

I just had to have these! I used to have a very similar pair, but then my exboyfriend put them on one day and his big hands streched them so much, that they didn't fit me anymore. Which still pisses me off, they were a gift from eS. These aren't real leather, I really like that about them!

All of these items are from Bijou Brigitte

Love, Petush ♥ 

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