February 7, 2013
Actually, it's "blast in a glass", a dumb quote from the even dumber Deena (Jersey Shore). Both would apply to this post. I have been thinking about my past a lot these days - about my high school past. And it was a blast! It took me a lot of time and work to have such good (most of the time) friendships back in Slovakia. I have been watching the videos from our prom, I thought about the awesome parties we were at together. And even though there was a lot of beef with my ex-classmates sometimes, I knew some of them for 12, 10, 8 years .. and we got to know each other so well! That's something I realized after I came to Berlin. How different the relationship to the people you know is, when you spend almost every day with them in school for 8 years. Here are some pictures from that time period:

every time we partied at B's, her dog partied with us. we gave him a new name too, haha

dieKay, me, Mihalka & eS dancing our asses off at B's!

our class dance at prom. I wanna dance it again someday - and not alone, I do that pretty often, actually!

with one of my classmates. I love these pictures and I haven't seen him for such a long time! we gotta have a reunion soon!

dieKay and one of my favorite pictures with her ♥

our last class picture.

with A .. when we were learning first aid. or rather rolling on the floor laughing, as you can see on the first picture.

my girls.

dressed as pirates before inviting the teachers to our prom.


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