February 11, 2013

Petush's on Facebook - You can find everything concerning my blog on it's FB page. Teasers, pictures - and also the posts which are posted here. Like the page and you will get a notification as soon as I post a new article! If you do that, you'll make me happy! 

Formspring - Formspring is a page like If you want to know anything about me, or ask for advice, submit your question and I will answer you!

Tumblr - Is a place I could scroll through for hours and hours. My favorite posts from my dashboard are reblogged on my Tumblr page: StrangelyDecoded! ♥

LookBook -  the fashion platform. Just like on Tumblr, I could go through it for hoooours! And I also post my own looks .. hope you like them! Don't bother to Fan me, Hype me, Comment or give me a Heart!

Twitter - I was never a big fan of Twitter, but I have this account for some years already. Don't bother to follow me! I follow back, if you let me know where you have my twitter information from. 

WeHeartIt - Tumblr Like, easier to post and manage! 

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