February 18, 2013
Petush already mentioned that you will be seeing some posts from me, so I hope you enjoy them. I would like to introduce some of my favorite stores to you, and I also chose some of my favorite pieces for you guys to see, what kind of products I like.


I absolutely fell in love with their stuff during my stay in USA (2009) and most of the clothing I brought home from the States was from American Eagle. Especially jeans. I like that with every size (from 00 up to 18) you can choose also the length of the jeans. I used to have problems with my jeans being too short if they fit me perfectly, or being too loose if they were the accurate length. That can’t happen if you’re shopping in AE.
I used to buy Skinny Jeans, but then Petush kind of pointed me in the direction of Jeggings and I absolutely fell in love with them. I have probably 5 or 6 pairs of AE Jeans and they definitely belong to my favorites. If you’re not sure what kind of jeans fits your body shape the best, they also have a good Jean Guide on the website.
The only bad thing is the shipping to Europe, which costs about 50$ and I think they also add some taxes and other additional costs – it depends on where you live.
I was going through the new arrivals today and I found this gorgeous denim jacket. I’m looking for one for this summer, and I really love the pattern in the back. I think it’s perfect for cooler summer evenings in combination with shorts or some loose summer dress. And the pink top is one of the things I really love – casual and girly.


Forever 21 is another store I discovered during my stay in the USA. The good thing about this one is that you can find this one also in Europe. I used to visit one in Vienna, and I think they also have some stores in France, so I hope they will expand to Germany too.
Anyways, the products are kind of similar to AE, but I have only found a couple of pieces there that I actually bought. There are pretty things, but usually just not my style.
However, Forever 21 has a huge accessories section, where I could spend hours and hours. You’ll always find some interesting pieces there. As you can see I’m all about pearlescent jewelry and soft pink, but there is a big variety, so it’s easy to choose something, no matter what style you prefer. I’ve also found some nice shoes there, for example the nude wedges (1) are perfect for any outfit, since the color is very neutral and you can wear them with jeans and more casual outfit as well as to a party with some nice little dress. 


I guess that most, if not all of you, know Mango. I love to visit it mostly because of the handbags. You can always say if a bag is from Mango, since they have their significant design. And if I could I would probably buy a new bag every month.
I love the elegant and sophisticated style they offer. I have a couple of dresses from Mango that are perfect for more official occasions and events, and also a couple of very nice cardigans. I found the white jacket (1) couple of days ago, and I’m considering ordering it, but first I’m going to go look at it in the store, since I prefer trying clothes on before purchasing them.
Also, if you look for chic sunglasses for quite reasonable prices, Mango offers a lot of nice styles and they usually have some good ones on sale as well.

There are lots of other stores that I like to order from or shop in, but it would take forever to go through all of them, so I chose those three. Where do you like to shop? And do you have some bad experience with ordering online? Let me know.

xoxo, eS.


  1. American Eagle is my fav brand for jeans!

  2. Haha then we have something in common :)

  3. Ahojda. Moc se mi líbí tvůj blog! Ráda bych Tě pozvala na můj web, který je zaměřen především na poruchy příjmu potravy, ale pozor- ne thinspo, ba právě naopak.Najde tam recepty, které nikde jinde nenajdeš..převážně clean eating, tipy, články postřehy...a v brzké době se rozjede projekt na pomoc lidem s PPP, jen čekáme s kamarádkou, kdy ho schválí Na blog určitě mrkni, každopádně si tam najdeš to "svoje". A pokud by se ti u mě opravdu moc líbilo, můžeš se přidat mezi mé Followers aneb pravidelné čtenáře (v levém sloupci mého blogu). Přeju krásný zbytek dne. Andie xoxoxox


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