March 21, 2013
As I've already mention in some previous posts, I am leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow, together with eS and a couple of our friends from Berlin. It was supposed to be a class-trip at first, but in the end, there is only around 10 of us who decided to go. The last time I was in Netherlands, it was 2008, which means I was 14 years old. Here are some of my pictures from that trip .. 

on the way to Netherlands, we stoppen on a gas station in Germany, where I took a photo pointing my finger to "Berlin". I was in love with this city even before I've visited it for the first time. And I had no damn idea, that I was gonna live here one day.

With my classmate, Adam. For some reason, I always liked this picture ..

*___* cutest thing ever!

With my best friend at the time. 

some random picture from the way back .. just to have another picture taken in Germany. I guess I was kind of obsessed with this land. And we all know why, haha. 

With a member of our host family

and one more with the girls. What - the - hell was I wearing?! Haha

Love, Petush ♥ 


  1. So lucky! I hope you have a great trip xo

  2. wish you to have a great great trip!



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