March 2, 2013
The train ride from Berlin was actually much better than usually. Maybe because I slept for almost two hours and I had so much stuff to do - food, magazines, book, music, work .. here are some pictures from my train ride and the morning before.

My friends seem to like this picture .. I think I look like a rapist, haha!

Berlin Hauptbahnhof // I traveled with just my laptop, my purse and a small bag // Just 9 more hours // even travelling by train is better when the sun is shining // I had the whole "Abteil" to myself for a while. like a boss, haha


  1. I actually love riding on the train, I always feel like it can be really productive! Have a good trip :)

    Just started following your blog, I'd love it if you'd check mine out and maybe follow back :)

    1. Thanks for following my blog, I am glad you like it :)


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