April 1, 2013
First of all, I wanna say sorry for the lack of posts in the last time. I haven't spent much time online since we came back from Amsterdam. Me and eS spent the whole day after coming back in bed, because of the lack of sleep while being in A. Both of us had a job interview on Wednesday and somehow, we came back home late in the evening, shortly before our friend Tizosch came to visit. eS' brother was supposed to come on Thursday, so we cleaned up the whole apartment, just before being told that he won't be here till Friday. Saturday was Ikea day and even though I was feeling like going to bed at 9:00pm, we went out and came home later than expected. And today we were packing, because we will spend a couple of days in Slovakia. I can't wait to see my parents and my friends .. 
me and eS the last time we visited Slovakia

I wish you all Happy Easter!
Love, Petush ♥ 

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