May 3, 2013
Hello there. I am soooo tired after the long day I had. Uni was so good today, even though I bitched the whole time about having to illustrate my whole hair, haha! And not to forget, the ice hockey world championship begun today .. and guess who was the first one to play? Slovakia vs. France. And guess who won? Slovakia of course, yaaay! We spent the rest of the evening at Celinka's and came home around just a couple of minutes ago. 

picture from last year, cheering on the slovakian "mannschaft"

Anyways, there is one important thing I want to post about before I turn the lights off and drift away. "Und zwar", first I want to wish Chamy & her blog HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's one of the blogs I like to visit very, very often. And with the celebration of the blog birthday, Svenja, who also writes on the blog, decided to have a little giveaway for the readers. So be sure to visit the blog, wish Chamy (and the blog) Happy Birthday and enter the giveaway if you like it as much as I do! 

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