May 1, 2013
After not having to go to Uni for the last three days, it's time to go back. Our specialisation started this week, which means that our old courses will get mixed. I am really curious how the "mixture" 's gonna work ..

I was bored today, so I made this little "slovakian ice hockey timetable" today

Other than that, the ice hockey world championship is starting soon, so I am pretty excited about that. Even though I am not really sure where I'm gonna watch the matches. Livestream is not a possibility (since our internet connection sucks) and I am not sure if they're gonna stream it in some german bar/pub. We'll see. 

Oh and one more thing I am even more excited about: Prague! ♥ I haven't been there for almost a year and can't wait to visit in just 8 days. Me and eS are going there because of The Drakes (my friend is the drummer), but also because we can't wait to see all of our czech friends again. And! We're probably going to see our slovakian guys too! It's gonna be amazing, I know it! 

Happy May 1st, by the way! 
Love, Petush ♥ 

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