June 5, 2013

Since eS was in Slovakia, she got me some of my favorite Pupa goodies .. 
Primer: The perfect way for my foundation to stay where it's supposed to stay is this Pupa Primer. I know that there are many people who use some kind of face lotion before they apply foundation, but that's not a choice for me. Everytime I try putting any kind of lotion on my face, I break out. If you have the same problem - or if you are looking for a good primer, be sure to check out this one! 
Mascara: I think this is the most written about cosmetic product on my blog. I've been looking for the perfect mascara for ages, but in the end, I stayed with my favorite Pupa product .. + 1! The first one is Pupalash Mascara Energizer. It helps your lashes to grow and when applied, it gives them a very natural look. The other one is Vamp (Black). I usually use it only after I apply the Energizer one, because the combination makes my lashes look as if I had fake lashes on. So it's perfect for a night out! 

Love, Petush ♥ 


  1. ui von dieser marke hab ich noch nie was von gehört :)
    ich bin auch schon so lange auf der suche nach dem perfekten primer -.- :/

  2. ten primer pojdem určite mrknuť :)


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