August 15, 2013

Hello my darlings! Since I am done with work for today and I got a little bored, I decided to show you one of my favorite make-up styles - and for some reason, I ended up with this hairdo on my head. Now, I had no idea what the right word was in english, so I looked it up in a dictionary - the word was "chignon". I have no idea if it's right or wrong, but nevertheless, the combination with pink is pignon. Just to clarify the title of the article, haha. 

Now, this would be the kind of make-up I'd put on if I went to a party, or out with my girls. Although, when I have a little more time before I get ready for Uni, I tend do go in this direction with my make-up. 


LIPSTICK: Rival de Loop 107 || BLUSH: Kiko 102 || MASCARA(S): Pupa - Pupalash Mascara Energizer & Pupa Vamp Mascara Black || POWDER: Catrice Skin Finish Compact Powder 020 Natural Beige || FOUNDATION: Maybelline NY Affinitone 24 Golden Beige || EYELINER: Essence Liquid Ink || BRUSHES: Foundation Brush, Blush Brush & Kabuki Brush

Now, if you are ever as bored as I was today - or if you ever get to trying out this look, make sure to send me your pictures so that I can see the final result on someone other than me. [via social networks or email: petra2k@gmail.com]

Love, Petush

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