August 19, 2013
First thing's first: As some of you may know, as of recently, I am writing for the slovakian lifestyle blog, a part of the trendsetter online shop. A couple of days ago, I did an interview with the wonderful Andrea, be sure to check it out. It's in slovakian, but google translator always helps too (so so).

Now to the "what's in my bag" part of the post:

I've seen the "what's in my bag" tag so many times already, that I decided to participate. Even though it might be more interesting as a vlog, I decided to do it as a regular post (this time!). 

I don't usually have this much stuff in my bag, today was a special day and I packed some food with me, because eS and I went to the Weissensee lake. I will describe from left to right .. 

Salt & Vinegar chips: loooove them! There are actually my favorite kind, I find the rest a little too vinegar-y, but these are very thin, so they are perfect. The label is Chio and if you are from/in Germany, you can get them in Kaisers, or Edeka. 

Multi-vitamin juice: Healthy & sweet. It was also cold when I bought it, which is the most important thing for me in summer when it comes to drinks. 

iPod: Always. Petush needs her music! Too bad, cause I forgot my headphones today and eS did too. 

Gum: Always gotta have some with me. This one is from Wrigley's and the flavour is "..a crisp tropical". I also love the green ones! 

Tissues: I think I have a kind-of-cold all year long, so I have to take these with me everywhere I go.

iPad: My portable internet and absolute darling. Also comes with me (almost) everywhere. 

Wallet: Huge, I know! But I like that, because I can always be sure all of my identification fits in it and I can have photos of my loved ones etc in it. 

Snack: Greek Sesame biscuit - love love love those! I can't find them here in Germany that often, so as soon as I see some, I get a whole stash. 

Book: Always have one with me. Right now, I am reading one of the Marilyn Monroe biographies, for a second time already.

What's in YOUR BAG? 

Love, Petush


  1. Sehr schöner Beitrag :) Ich finde auch deine Tasche an sich richtig cool!

    Liebste Grüße



  2. Ja mám v taške akurát tak veľký bordel, ako spárvna žena :D

  3. taky mám kind of cold all year long...děsný co:D a salt vinegar chipsy milujuu <33


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