September 1, 2013


Since August is officially over, I decided to put together a list of couple of products that I really enjoyed the past month.

Before I left my hometown Bratislava to come to Berlin again, my mom surprised me with a little goody bag with some Oriflame products. I fell in love with the Swedish Spa Body Scrub and the More Body ButterBoth of them smell incredibely good and the texture is very light.

I was lookig for a stippling brush for a long time now, but I couldn't find any that I would like or that would be at a reasonable price. I got this ebelin brush from eS. Even though it's not a real stippling brush, it's great for applying foundation and concealer and I really like it.

I change my nail color a lot and I was looking for something that is different from all the nail polishes that I already have. The Astor Quick'N'Go takes a really short time to dry and it lasts very long. On these pictures, the color looks kind of weird, so here (click) are some pictures where I am actually wearing it.

And last but not least, I got the Bruno Banani fragrance from my friend for my birthday and it's definitely this month's favorite. It's really the type of fragrance I like!


Love , Petush


  1. Toho Bruno Banani mám taky, akorát větší balení a tu tmavší - Dangerous woman. Úžasná vůně! :)

  2. i cant see you in my followers :( would you follow me back?

  3. Schönes neues Layout! Dies Oriflame Produkte hören sich vielversprechend an - gibts bei uns aber nicht, oder?

    Liebste Grüße


  4. Love that nail polish, a really nice color.

    P.S. I'm back :).

  5. ten oriflame scrub je naprosto nej! skvěle voní a vždycky ho použiju po tom, co si oholim nohy a pak je už ani nemusím mazat krémem a pupínky po holení nikde:) je to poklad!


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