September 3, 2013
I've been wanting to post a new recipe for a really long time now. No, this isn't my best kept secret recipe - the onion soup. It's the zucchini pasta me and eS love and in the last time I've been cooking it quite often. Also, a friend of mine, Ev, motivated me to post this one, so you have her to thank! Here we go!

this is how the meal looks when it's done and it's de-de-de-licious! ♥

WHAT DO YOU NEED? (2 portions)
  1. small onion
  2. 1,5 zucchinis or 2 smaller ones
  3. olive oil
  4. salt
  5. vegetable buillon aka podravka
  6. pasta (the best choice is penne/farfalle)

This recipe is really easy and it usually takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare, depending on the amount you use. In this case, the amount is thought for 2 portions. 

How to prepare the pasta: 
Fill a pot with water, add salt and wait for it to boil. Then, add a little oil (you can use olive oil, but since I usually think that is a waste, I use some regular oil, for example sunflower oil). Put the pasta into the boiling water and cook following the instructions on the pasta packaging. 

How to prepare the zucchini:

First, peel off the onion and cut it into small, square pieces. 

Then, wash the zucchini, cut the end and the front off and then, start cutting it into thin circles, as you can see in the picture above. It doesn't matter if some slices are more thick than others, don't worry about that. 

When you are done with this, pour a little bit (1 spoon is usually enough) of the olive oil into a big pre-heated frying pan and then, put in the onion.

As soon as the onion starts looking very "glassy", add the sliced zucchini and put a lid on the pan. After about 3 minutes, add some vegetable buillon (3 teaspoons should be enough, the zucchini should keep a little from it's natural taste) and close the lid again. Don't forget to stir once in a while. The zucchini should be done in about 10 minutes. 

Mix the pasta & zucchini: 

Drain water from the pasta, then mix it with the zucchini in the pan. Be sure to blend these two very well! You can add parmesan cheese and voilá, you're done! 

Let me know if you tried this recipe yourself and how you liked it!

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Love, Petush


  1. This recipe is wonderfully explained and the result is surely very yummy ! I love zucchine with pasta =)

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  2. Meine Sis hat sowas auch schon mal gemacht, ist echt sehr lecker!

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  3. Mh...sieht super lecker aus!Ich in ja eh ein großer Zucchini-Fan :)

  4. Das schaut mal echt lecker aus! Ich steh auch total auf Zucchini! Und Auberginen! <3

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  7. What a delicious recipe, and wholesome, too! I will definitely be making very soon! Thank you so much for stopping by and for following! I'm following you back now on ”GFC” :)
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  8. I have to try these, but I have to finish my diet first.

  9. It looks graet, I feel hungry :D

  10. Thank you!
    It looks delicious :)

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  14. super yummy!

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  15. this looks AMAZING! definitely adding this to my dinner list- yum!!
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