October 15, 2013
Hello there! Today, my foundation from Etre Belle got here, finally! I've been using it for yeeears now, but I haven't done a review yet, so here it is. 

I started using this foundation a couple of years ago, after I tried it a couple of times when I spent the night at eS' house. Even though her skintone is much lighter than mine, I fell in love with it and ordered my own bottle right away. It's the same shade she uses, which is weird, but somewhow, it works for my skintone as well.

This one is the 426-1, which looks kind of dark on the website but as you are able to see on the pictures below, it's not. 

Velvet Mat Matifying Make-up: "Velvety, finishing care make-up for normal skin, and skin that varies in its condition or tends to oiliness. Natural micro particles absorb excess sebum. Light-reflecting particles diminish shadows and rough patches, and allow the treatment to spread thoroughly and last a long time. With SPF 10 and protection for free radicals." - that's what the packaging says. 

I have normal skin, so I can pretty much go for any foundation I want and my skin handles it somehow. This one is most deffinitely my favorite one from the bunch I have because 1) it lasts a long time 2) SPF 3) it's very mat. 

The only thing I don't like about this foundation is actually that I can't use it in the summer, because I only buy the light shade, haha! And since my skin gets darker in the summer, I tend to leave it in my make-up stash until fall beings. 

Now, I don't know if I should call this a high-end beauty product, because I don't actually like to admit that I own any high-end beauty products. But with a price of almost 30 Euros, I think I have to stop lying to myself finally, haha.

As already mentioned, this foundation is from the brand Etre Belle and you can get it HERE.

Love, Petush


  1. Looks to be great! Today new post, Havana, don´t miss it!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  2. Seems to be a great product!

  3. Thanks for sharing, great review!

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  4. Hey gorgeous thanks for the follow. Welcome to My World. What does this product look good!. Sales lovely in a previous post that lip color and polish is?

    A kiss

  5. Interesting product!
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