November 13, 2013
Another big event is behind us and as I'm looking through the red carpet pictures, I thought I could share my thoughts on the outfits from Sunday's glamorous night in Amsterdam.

How about you guys? Which outfit did you like the most?

I haven't seen Katy in something that I would really like for a long time now. But that has changed immediately after I saw her in this Zac Posen mint dress. It's a little more conservative than what Katy usually wears, but it fits her perfectly! Of course, it's flattering to her feminine figure, but it highlights it in a very elegant way, with no deep neck lines. The Dolce&Gabanna headband gives the whole outfit a girly look - love it!

Also not a name that I would usually list in my best dressed lists. As well as Katy, she went for something a little simpler than what we usually get to see on her and I think it was the perfect choice! This Calvin Klein's dress is sexy and chic.

She brought something edgier to the red carpet with this peplum combination, and I actually really like it! EMAs are definitely an event where you can experiment a little and she did it in a great way. The messy, casual updo gives it exactly the perfect accent.

Seems to me like a lot of stars went for something else and more conservative than usually. But in Ariana's case, I don't know if it was the best choice. I read some articles and everyone is loving this look, but I have to say I'm not such a big fan of it. Of course, her playful, girly look needs a change sometimes, but this dress is too mature and boring for her. I don't think that the knee-length compliments her figure well. Maybe if she chose higher platform pumps, it would have looked better on her. And also hair signature hairstyle just doesn't go well with the white satin and black lace.

Another look that many people liked but I was not that stunned. Cut-outs are a great way to give a long gown a little edge and sexiness. But there is a certain line and when you go above it just starts to look somehow trashy. I do like the assymetrical neck line though and also like the hairstyle and make up. Next time, maybe she could take some advice from Rita Ora, who mastered some leg-showing on the red carpet.

Love, Petush


  1. Don't like Izzy's look, definitely... Slit is too high and too many cut outs. But everyone else you mentioned looks really nice!

  2. rita ora vypadá dobře! a ten poslední outfit se hodí tak možná k tyči :D


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