December 5, 2013
picture from the last weekend in Prague at the Moja Reč concert

Hey there my darlings ♥ I just wanted to let you know, that there are two videos to come (unfortunately, I have some problems with exporting one that is already done - the vlog from Prague) and other than that, I won't really be updating the blog that much. I am feeling very down right now because of some private family issues we are having right now. I hope everything will be better soon and I can get back to blogging as soon as possible and really enjoy it again. Again, I am sorry for the lack of updates. 

Love, Petush
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  1. hey :) thanks so much for commenting back :)
    I followed you now on facebook AND bloglovin :) waiting for you to follow back now. but please on my actual blog :) (you commented on my old one)


    xx Selina
    and keep going like this :) so nice!


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