December 29, 2013
I love looking back at what I have done at the end of the year. And this blog is a great place to reflect - so that you can also see what happened in my life the previous year .. so here we go.

  • 2 music videos from my friend Uwe came out - you can see me in both. I am still surprised I didn't get sick after shooting the winter one! 
  • I told you all a little bit about me in the About Me Survey - you can read it here → ABOUT ME
  • I have been trying to get rid of bad things in my life - bad "love stuff", to be exact. I was done apologizing for stuff I shouldn't be apologizing for and it turned out to be a great choice!
  • I fell in love with "Stay" from Rihanna and Mikky Ekko, it fit my situation in the beginning of 2013 perfectly
  • I also fell in love with InDesign from the Adobe Suite - and apparently, I couldn't stop talking about it, haha! I designed a magazine with it, you can view it here → SITE MAG
  • eS started writing wonderful guest posts on here
  • I told you how I pack my stuff when going on trips. See the guide here → PACKING GUIDE
  • I went to a concert when I was in Slovakia where I finally realized who the "slovakian Petush" was and since then, I tried to get her back and I kind of did. I also met a special person on that day that helped me get over things .. without knowing it. 
  • People started recognizing me as the "beanie girl" - random people. 

  • I went to Amsterdam with eS and some friends from the Uni.
  • I've reached a wonderful 100000 visitors! ♥
  • Me and eS celebrated our 6th anniversary 
  • We fell in love with Prague on one of our trips there with The Drakes. And also, we fell in love with travelling with the Drakes. 
  • I roller skated after ages again! 
  • My beautiful cousin Lina visited me in Berlin for the first time - and then spent the whole summer in Slovakia with me
  • I loved spending the summer in Slovakia with all my friends - and with all the new people I got to know. Summer 2013 was definitely one of the best summers of my life. 
  • In August, it was back to Germany for me - and seeing my kitty cat for the first time. Look at how tiny she was!!
  • I went on a lake with eS a couple of times - even though I hated it and the only time I actually like it is in Slovakia at Wakelake

  • At the end of September, I came to Slovakia again - and I got sick again. 
  • I also got my hair Ombreid since I was here, but it wasn't really visible. Never let a hairdresser do your ombre!
  • Some of you thought I cut my hair and colored it blond. Now, let me tell you - I'd never do that! 
  • In November, I wrote my last test in Uni - and our final project started. 
  • Me and eS ombreid my hair again. See the article here → OMBRE HAIR VOL. 2. I am also explaining how we did it in THIS VIDEO
  • We also went on a trip together - just the two of us after a really long time - to Prague. The concert was amazing, the trip was great. Here is the Prague Vlog ..

  • Now I am back in Slovakia and even though I hate burning bridges, it will be necessary this time with some people from here. 

Love, Petush
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    ♥ Happy holidays!
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