January 24, 2014
Right now, I am trying not to shop as much as I would like and save up some money. But I can at least put together a wishlist every month, right? Here is my january wishlist with a couple of spring-ish pieces of clothing. I know winter just came at us here in Europe, but I am still hoping that it will soon be over and we can get out in just blazers, sweaters and open toed shoes. 

Love, Petush
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Black Contrast Sleeve Longline Knit Jacket [BUY]
Stone Leather-Look Metal Corner Tote Bag [BUY]
Red Aztec Print Bodycon Dress [BUY]
Mint Green Textured Zip Back Knitted Jumper [BUY]

Wide Fit Stone Chunky Strappy Heels [BUY]
Light Blue Acid Wash Thick Skinny Jeans [BUY]
Shell Pink Waterfall Blazer [BUY]
Red Contrast Metal Bar Clutch [BUY]

- all of these are from New Look


  1. It's difficult not to shop especially with all the deals going on lol
    I have bought enough new items for my wardrobe I think I am set for the rest of the season. Try digging into what you already own and mix and match them. Sometimes having a closet clean up helps you to realise what you have too :)

    1. You are so right! I should clean up my closet and get rid of some old stuff I don't wear anymore. Maybe I will make some money by selling it to get some new stuff, haha!


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