January 28, 2014

Step No.1 - Primer, Foundation & Concealer

Wash your face and make sure your hair isn't in your face. I usually put it in a bun, or use a hairband.

When it comes to primer and foundation, follow your usual routine. I either use smooth transparent primer from Pupa, in this case I decided to prime my face with the Pore Professional from Benefit. 

Apply foundation the way you usually do it. For this look, I used the Velvet Mat foundation from Etre Belle to get that porcelain look. 

If needed, use concealer for undereye circles, spots, etc. I used Luminys Touch from Pupa, which is a liquid concealer. 

Step No.2 - Powder & Blush

I always use my powder first, this time I used a very bright powder from Veryme called No Time For Shine Powder. It's matte, just like the foundation I used for this look. 

Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. I went for the Glossy Rosewood Blusher from Kryolan. 

Step No.3 - Eyeshadow No.1

Before applying eyeshadow, you can use an eyeshadow fix. I am not using shimmery eyeshadows for this look, which is why I went for the Matte Eyeshadow Fix from Zoeva. 

The first shadow I used is from the Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette called Heaven. As you can see, it is a yellowish-white color. Apply all over your lid, also under the eyebrows. 

Step No.4 - Eyeshadow No.2 & No.3

Apply a very light brown eyeshadow (in my case the Velvet Revolver from the Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette) and blend it into the crease of your eye. Then, take a darker brown shade and apply it with an angled brush over and under the eye in a thin line, just like you would do with an eyeliner. This gives the eyes a more natural look. 

Smudge it a little bit on the top lash line. On the lower, apply from the outer corner to the middle of your eye, not further. For this step, I've used Sexspresso from the Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette

Step No.5 - Mascara

This is my favorite step when it comes to makeup. Mascara makes your eyes pop out so much more, is the perfect accent to every eye makeup and lights the whole face up! I have used the Vamp mascara from Pupa

Step No.6 - Eyebrows

Fill in your brows! Even if you do it just slightly, it might have a huge effect on the final look. I prefer to use a brow shadow instead of an eye pencil and apply it with an angled brush. As you can see, I filled mine in just a little bit and afterwards, I ran over them with a Brow Fix Gel. It is from Catrice - Lash/Brow Designer and the shadow is from an Oriflame eyebrow kit. 

Step No.7 - Lip Pencil & Lipstick

Go over the shape of your lips with a lip pencil and you can also go over your lips with it. I used number 20 from Sephora called Real Red. Then, apply the lipstick. In my case it was the Miss Pupa 502 a bright red kind of shimmery lipstick. 

I love wearing my hair open when having on red lipstick - and golden accessories. Don't you think this look is kind of Snow White-ish? 

Love, Petush
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Pore Professional | Benefit
Velvet Mat Foundation | Etre Belle [REVIEW HERE]
Luminys Touch Concealer | Pupa
No Time For Shine Powder | Veryme
Glossy Rosewood Blusher | Kryolan
Matte Eyeshadow Fix | Zoeva
Natural Eye Shadow Palette | Too Faced [REVIEW HERE]
Vamp Mascara | Pupa [REVIEW HERE]
Lash/Brow Designer | Catrice [REVIEW HERE]
Shadow Eyebrow Kit | Oriflame
Real Red Lip Pencil | Sephora
Miss Pupa 502 Lipstick | Pupa


  1. Love this look !! You look so pretty with red lips ^^

  2. You look beautiful, dear. Love the result. :)

    Keep in touch,

    1. Thank you darling, I am glad you do :)

  3. so gorgeous! I do this look all the time for school :)

    1. Thanks! I used to do it too sometimes for school :)

  4. Hallöchen :)
    Sieht wirklich so schön aus!
    Ich hätte da noch eine Frage, ich bin nämlich schon ewig auf der Suche nach einer passenden Foundation. Im Moment hab ich eine von Lancome aber da ich so einen hellen Teint hab hat man bis jetzt eigentlich noch immer einen Unterschied gesehen, egal welches ich verwendet habe :( Bei dir siehts so schön aus! Hab mir jetzt noch dein Review durchgelesen und bin schwer am überlegen ob ich mir auch so eine bestellen soll :) Was meinst du? Denkst du sie passt?

    Liebe Grüße an dich :)

    1. Danke dir :)

      Also, ich und meine beste Freundin benutzen die gleiche Foundation in dem Selben Shade und sind beide super zufrieden, obwohl sie eine viel hellere Hautfarbe hat als ich. Deswegen würde ich dir die Foundation auf jeden Fall empfehlen. Außerdem ist bei Etre Belle die Qualität der Produkte dem Preis auf jeden Fall angemessen. :)


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