January 30, 2014
Since there is a lot of snow right now in Berlin and every time I look out of the window I feel disgusted by the cold, grey weather, I decided to look for something more pleasant - the perfect summer vacation destination. I have a couple of places in mind that I would like to visit this summer, so I decided to share my must-see vacation spots with you.

What is your favorite summer vacation spot? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Petush
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The biggest island of the Canary Island and a place I used to visit as a child with my parents. I'm thinking of going there again, since my family and I were always very pleased with this destination. Huge plus is that the flight is not too long. You can also get a really good hotel for a good price.

Wonderful location to spend summer vacation on. All those beautiful beaches and the turquoise water are definitely something I want to see. I'm a little concerned about the long flight though .. 

Also a place where I've been multiple times and I love coming back. But this year I think I'm in a mood for nice, sandy beach and that's harder to find in Greece. But I love their food and going for a little sight-seeing.

One of my dream vacation places, I would really like to visit one day. But for now it's a little out of my price range, since when I go to a summer vacation, I really like to enjoy it, so I'd rather go somewhere, where the flight tickets are not so expensive and invest the money in a good hotel.


  1. Ich war da ├╝berall noch gar nicht! Werde ich aber alles gerne nachholen, brauche nur Zeit und Geld :D


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