July 30, 2014

Hello my darlings! Here is a new .. well, it isn't really an outfit post, but it is similar. Here is my new "bikini" post. Me and eS went to a spa before our Prague trip to relax and to show you my 3 favourite bikinis. All of them are from You can find all the links and information about the sizing on the bottom of the article. And let me know: Do you go to the spa often? Do you even go? This was my first time and I loved it! 

Ahojte zlatíčka! Tu je nový .. well, nie je to tak úplne outfit post. Tu je nový bikini post. Spolu s eS sme sa pred tripom do Prahy rozhodli ísť vychillovať do spa a zároveň odfotiť troje moje obľúbené bikini. Všetky mám zo Linky a informácie o veľkostiach nájdete dole pod článkom. A čo vy? Chodíte do spa často? Boli ste už aspoň raz? Ja som bola teraz prvýkrát a úplne som si to zamilovala! 

Love, Petush
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Blue Balconnet Bikini - LASCANA {BUY HERE}
MY SIZE: 38, B

Aztec Print Bikini - BUFFALO {BUY HERE}
MY SIZE: 36, A/B

Flower Print Bikini - MARIE CLAIRE {BUY HERE}
MY SIZE: 36, A/B

If you are planning on buying from sister surprise, please look at the sizing chart, it's different for every pair and make sure you know your measurements (in cm). 


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